NFT Waifus Project, a waifu for everyone.

NFT Waifus Project is a NFT’s collection that revolves around a single idea: Waifus.

Based on the highly popular japanese animation style (Anime) we have created a collection of 100 waifus, each with her name and a little bio that describes in simple words the personality of the character.

The collection only contains unique items, in other words, each NFT is a single item, no copies, no duplicates, this is tied to the idea that we can give to our NFT’s, every Waifu is unique, like any person, thus we can’t make a copy, it will only exist one NFT for each character.

Every Waifu is represented in a “Card” format, and they are differentiated by her rarity:

SR (Super Rare):

  • Animated NFT

SSR (Super Super Rare):

  • Animated NFT
  • Color variation to differentiate it from the SR

UR (Ultra Rare):

  • Animated NFT
  • Colors based on the Waifu
  • Exclusive frame and animations
  • Original music composed by us

Why rarities?

We have a strong influence coming from the Japanese culture and in this case, especially from the popular gacha machines (More info), this promise helps that certain cards are valued better than others.

How are you planning on making the project valuable?

As a general answer, our first step is to acquire a Gacha Machine, that will even the conditions when people purchase a Waifu, in this way anyone would have the possibility of obtaining a UR Waifu.

In the second phase we want to prepare a new generation of Waifus. We are planning on giving benefits to the owners of the first generation.

In future phases we would like to explore the idea of ​​NFT gamification, implement our cards in games and do more collaborations.

Where can I find you?

You can join us anytime to talk about anything! We like weeb culture, but we talk about a lot of things, games, crypto, new projects, manga and much more!


Web: (Under construction)

A collection of 100 unique Waifus :D There are no copies, no source files. Only one exists, just for you! Adopt a waifu <3